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2018.8.28 07:44
Ponzi Games Are Breaking Out on the Ethereum Blockchain

The hottest new apps on ethereum resemble an old favorite: the Ponzi s…

深链财经深链财经4个月前 (08-27)776次浏览
2018.8.28 06:47
Hubble Researcher Focuses on Blockchain for Space Data Processing

A Hubble Space Telescope (HST) researcher is testing a blockchain netw…

张嘉裕4个月前 (08-27)494次浏览
2018.8.28 05:45
Ethereum’s Vision for Apps Is Only Growing Bolder

Borderless, permissionless and free from coercion. That’s the dr…

未来财经未来财经4个月前 (08-27)629次浏览
2018.8.28 04:38
China’s Answer to Reddit Is Launching a Crypto Token

One of the oldest and most popular social networking platforms in Chin…

零投资躺赚钱4个月前 (08-27)535次浏览
2018.8.28 03:30
AMD Sees Q2 Drop in GPU Sales to Crypto Miners

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said Wednesday that sales of g…

猫本聪猫本聪4个月前 (08-27)593次浏览
2018.8.28 02:39
Waves’ Decentralized Exchange Had a $6 Million Debut. Then It Got Hacked

When a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange supports fiat tokens and …

币客1674个月前 (08-27)318次浏览
2018.8.28 01:26
Bitcoin’s Cutting-Edge ‘Coin Selection’ Tech Gets First Major Integration

Crypto security startup BitGo’s latest technology – “predi…

veronica4个月前 (08-27)635次浏览
2018.8.28 00:26
Left, Right and Center: Crypto Isn’t Just for Libertarians Anymore

While some say crypto is apolitical, others argue a technology that ta…

veronica4个月前 (08-27)707次浏览
2018.8.27 23:15
Crypto Wallet to Replace Private Keys With Encrypted QR Codes

Decentralized cryptocurrency wallet SafeWallet is launching a new QR c…

张嘉裕4个月前 (08-27)721次浏览
2018.8.27 22:06
New Crypto Mining Malware Targeting Corporate Networks, Says Kaspersky

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a new form of cryptojackin…

迎着风迎着风4个月前 (08-27)423次浏览
2018.8.27 20:58
Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork

Ethereum developers are already implementing code for Constantinople, …

一个小程序4个月前 (08-27)529次浏览
2018.8.27 20:03
Monero-Style Privacy Is Ready for Ethereum – Who Will Implement It?

What if ethereum looked more like monero? Fusing the privacy features …

AI区块链4个月前 (08-27)562次浏览
2018.8.27 18:57
A Small Crypto Coin Is Making Big Claims About a Private Proof-of-Stake

If any coin is going to fly under the radar, it makes sense for a priv…

veronica4个月前 (08-27)585次浏览
2018.8.27 17:43
IBM and FX Giant CLS Team Up to Launch Blockchain App Store for Banks

Even private and permissioned blockchains need to build ecosystems and…

火星财经火星财经4个月前 (08-27)797次浏览
2018.8.27 16:48
Bitcoin’s Second-Ever Developer Is Back (With a Big Vision for Crypto)

There are early adopters, then there are early early adopters. Reveale…

海豚区块链海豚区块链4个月前 (08-27)435次浏览
2018.8.27 15:41
BBVA Can’t Hold Cryptocurrency – And That’s a Problem

After becoming the first financial institution to combine public and p…

火球财经火球财经4个月前 (08-27)453次浏览
2018.8.27 14:46
One Year Later, A Wave of Apps Is Emerging on Bitcoin Cash

Happy birthday, bitcoin cash. Tuesday marks the one year anniversary o…

共享财经共享财经4个月前 (08-27)868次浏览
2018.8.27 13:47
DLT Platform Hedera Hashgraph Completes $100 Million Raise

Hedera Hashgraph has raised $100 million in a new funding round. Accor…

币客1674个月前 (08-27)404次浏览
2018.8.27 12:43
Telegram Tech Promised In ICO Vulnerable to Attack, Researchers Say

With $1.7 billion in the bank following its initial coin offering (ICO…

Lee丶Vis4个月前 (08-27)303次浏览
2018.8.27 11:33
Before the ‘Bomb’ Hits: Why the Race Is on to Alter Ethereum’s Economics

The proposals just keep piling in. At press time, a total of six ether…

Lee丶Vis4个月前 (08-27)760次浏览